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Venezia II


Bean to cup

Nul watt på standby.

Zero watt at standby. New technology ensures that the brewer switches to standby when it is not active. At the touch of one of the selection buttons the brewer becomes active and ready to brew within 45 seconds.

A superb cup of coffee is the result of the best of ingredients: freshly grinded top quality coffee beans, precise grinding, and correct tamper pressure as well as correct water pressure.

Fresh milk? The Venezia II is available with our patented milk system which adjusts the milk foam to the coffee drink selected. The Scanomatic milk clean system flushes all hoses with clean water after each cup ensuring freshness and excellent hygiene.

We only use the best quality components when we manufacture the Scanomat Venezia II.

Technical specification

Coffee Beans 2600 g
Chocolate 2600 g / 1300 g
Milk 2000 g / 1000 g
Hot water for tea Yes
Cold water Optional
Cups per hour 120
Clean function Ja
Brew chambers 1
Electrical connections 230 / 400V
Power consumption 2300-8400 Watt
Dimensions W 320 mm x H: 695 mm x D: 520 mm

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Café on the Spot

Cafe on the spot

Café on the spot

Is the perfect mobile solution, which allows for movement. Ideel for places where a fixed machine limits functionality, ex. conferrence rooms, hotels etc.
Cafe on the spot contains a coffee brewer mounted on a trolley, which has hardwearing rubber wheels, which makes it easy to manoeuvre. The built in water tank and battery makes it possible to serve coffee, chocolate specialities brewer in a few seconds, where ever your guests, customers or employees need it the most. Cafe on the spot has a serving capacity on about 120 cups pr filling.

The trolley

It standard has place for two dishwasher trays, and has steel draws for storage. The machine and trolley are both designed for easy cleaning. Simple design, functional and brews a great cup of coffee.

Technical specification

Coffee 216 cups (325 g)
Espresso 160 cups (240 g)
Chocolate 59 cups (1300 g)
Milk 108 cups (1300 g)
Tea water Yes
Cup per hour 135  (20 liter)
Water tank 20 l.
Clean program Yes
Power 230 V
Power consumption 2300 watts
Battery capacity 24 V, 7.2 Ah - 7 hours
Dimensioner in cm H 135 W 52 D 92
Brewing chambers 2
Standby to brew 15 til 90 aprox 45 min.

Compact One

Compact One

Compact One

The Compact One serves coffee and Tea water in cups or flasks. This is a simple machine, which can serve a large group of people, without being big or bulky with minimal cleaning. This machine has the capacity to make 640 cups of coffee without having to refill coffee. The machine is always ready and makes 270 cups an hour. Simple, compact, well constructed in stainless steel.

Compact One Freeflow.

The Compact One Free flow is specially designed to serve large groups. It has the same number of cups total, and cups per hour as the Compact One. What makes this different is the pull down leavers, which allow you to control the quantity of coffee.

Technical specification

Coffee 323 cups (485 g)
Tea water Yes
Cup per hour 135 - 270 (20 liters - 40 liters)
Water tank 6 l.
Clean program Yes
Power 230 V / 400 V
Power consumption 1800-5600 watts
Dimensions in cm H 67 W 26 D 29
Brew chambers 2
Refill function Yes
Multi-brew Yes

Pro 4


Pro 4

Scanomat CaféCino Pro4 EU Compact Coffee Machine The Scanomat Pro4 EU Compact coffee machine is built from stainless steel and has an elegant & modern design.The coffee machine's front is equipped with a soft rubber panel that makes it simple to choose the desired product. Despite being compact in size the Scanomat Pro4 EU will deliver an impressive 135 cups per hour.

Focus on environment

The low energy Scanomat Pro4 spends more than 50% less energy than the leading competitors. Similarly, the machine can be programmed to sleep when not in use, and may also be programmed to turn on / off at a specific time. Coffee specialties within a few seconds.

A wide range of coffee specialties

With the Scanomat CaféCino Pro4 EU, you have a wide range of coffee specialties in a few seconds, which is particularly useful to small restaurants, cafes, offices, bars and fast food kiosks. In addition, the machine offers an easy automatic cleaning program, which ensures minimal maintenance

Technical specification

Coffee 323 cups (485 g)
Espresso 186 cups (280 g)
Chocolate 33 cups (735 g)
Milk 79 cups (950 g)
Tea water Yes
Cup per hour 135 (20 liter)
Water tank 3,3 l.
Clean program Yes
Power 1800 watts
Dimensions in cm H 55 W 26 D 31
Brew chambers 2
Direct water injection Yes
Jug facility Yes
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